About Us

“I can’t tell you how many times Kay has saved the day for me. … They saved my life, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart …” -Gary James, Client

We would like to introduce Kay Smith, the founder of Texas ReEntry Services. Kay isn’t just running your normal non-profit organization that’s going through the motion, her heart and soul is embedded in the services they offer and the lives they are trying to change.

Kay Smith didn’t come from your story book family or even a home that valued family what so ever. Being raised in a home of poverty, adultery and child molestation, Kay and her four brothers had no one to help them or direct them on a path of anything positive.

In the late 70’s Kay’s brothers would spend the next 15-20 years involved in manufacturing and distribution of meth amphetamines. Resulting in the direct death of one of her brothers from the same drugs the other brothers where making.

After seeing her brothers in prison their whole lives, Kay knew the struggles they would face once they were able to re-enter society again. At that point, Kay decided to do something about it! She founded Texas ReEntry Services; a non-profit organization that would hand and hand -help people readjust back into society in a positive way to help insure they wouldn’t go back in.

Kay has dedicated her life to helping others and doing everything in her power to extend a helping hand to anyone and everyone coming out of the prison system. No matter the offense everyone is treated with respect and never judged.

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